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During this time we thought it would be good to reach out and create a page to share some ideas and photos of what our retired teachers have been up to......   Also, we have added a Wellness Calendar and a letter sent to new retirees.   It's a good read and you may learn something new....  Enjoy.

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November Wellness 2020
















Jones Gallery Lecture Series

Switch to Winter Tires!

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Saint John Library

Intro to Pickleball

1-2:30pm, 693-YMCA

Begin a Journal

Who Inspires you and why?

Make Instant Pot yogurt!

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Call a senior you have not spoken to for a while.

Stroll along Harbour Passage.

Get your Flu (free)and Shingles Shots (Cheapest at Costco)

Remembrance Day

NBSRTSJ Zoom   meeting @10am

Sea Dogs vs Moncton @ 7pm

Sea Dogs vs Halifax @ 7pm








Beachcomb, collect items, and make art.

Uptown Sparkles starts!

Color a Mandala!

Symphony NB: Autumn Leaves

7:30pm, Imperial

Take a Hike!

Listen to your favorite songs.

Play a board game with family!








Plant a kitchen herb.

Make soup for

Romero House

Put a puzzle together when done trade it!

Fly a kite with someone special!

Write a Haiku!

Call 635-1700

Bowl-a-rama and a friend.

Water Street Dinner Theatre:  Prenuptial Claus, 648-2325.




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Full Moon

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Zoom Executive Meeting will meet Nov. 12, @ 10 am.

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Zoom Christmas Wine & Cheese

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New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers

Saint John Branch

November 2020

Dear Retiree,

The New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers (NBSRT) and the Saint John branch (NBSRTSJ) trusts, despite these challenging times, that your retirement has been positive and rewarding.  On behalf of your former colleagues and fellow retirees NBSRTSJ invites you to consider becoming a member of our provincial association (NBSRT).  

In April 1951 Saint John retired teachers were the first to officially organize, forming the Saint John Retired Teachers Association.  They felt that there would be strength in numbers in addressing their causes – fighting for automatic pension payments instead of having to apply monthly along with pension increases, and group insurance for retirees.  They were successful and over time other retired teacher groups recognized the benefits of a provincial body and the New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers was formed in 1975.

Times have changed and now retired teachers outnumber active teachers. While joining is not a requirement, membership provides the collective strength and louder voice of a province wide organization standing up and speaking for you on such issues as pension and group insurance.  As an active teacher the NBTA acted on your behalf on such matters.  Retirees do not have a formal voice when it comes to pensionnegotiations.  We are presently pursuing the possibility of VESTCOR offering annual information sessions. Of the 10 voting Group Insurance Trustees only 2 are retired despite the fact there are more retired than active teachers. There is strength in numbers. The larger our membership the more forceful we can be in advocating on your behalf.

Teachers have a good Group Insurance Plan. As you may know, the Group Insurance Trustees regularly review our plan and the premiums.  NBSRT provides an avenue to advocate for changes in the plan and coverage. We pose the questions and concerns of our members. We regularly receive information about the plan and immediately communicate it to our members. 

NBSRT is a Member Association of ACER-CART (https://acer-cart.org) the national organization of retired teachers. Among other things, it advocates for seniors rights, health care and pharmacare and was successful, with other national groups, in achieving pension splitting for tax purposes. It provides a forum for lobbying the federal government in collaboration, when necessary, with like-minded national organizations and provincial/territorial retired teacher associations.

Membership dues, only $3 /month, are deducted from your pension. Why, you might ask should I join?  What do I receive for my money in addition to advocacy on pension and group insurance?

  • Reflections magazine, by and for teachers, published 3 times a year containing news from branches, articles/stories and, of course, pictures. 
  • Access to the members only section of the NBSRT webpage. https://www.nbsrt.ca)  
  • Access to a national organization for retired teachers.
  • Access to the members only Facebook page.
  • Sharing ideas, concerns and experiences from around the province.
  • Collaboration on matters of mutual interest with SERFNB, the francophone retired teachers association. 
  • Trip Merchant is exclusive to members and provides up to the minute opportunities for travel along with great service and prices.
  • NBSRTSJ newsletters advising of local news, events and opportunities.                (November 2020 edition to follow)
  • NBSRTSJ emails to members on matters of interest/events between newsletters.
  • A means of staying in touch with former colleagues. 
  • Local information sessions to keep you informed.
  • Opportunities to gather socially-meals, games, excursions.
  • NBSRT and NBSRTSJ are having draws for new members.  

NBSRTSJ would love to welcome you. Once we are able to meet in personyou will be invited to dine with us as our guest.

We do hope you will add your voice to ours.

I have included a link to the application form.  Click here

Any questions, please do feel free to call.

Judy Braman

President, NBSRTSJ


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.