On the evening of April 6, 1951, thirty-one retired teachers from Saint John and vicinity met in the Royal Hotel in Saint John, NB.  Mr. Harold Ricker was elected president, and the following motions were adopted:

  1. that this group of retired teachers be called The Retired Teachers Association
  2. that the annual dues be 50 cents
  3. that the association have two general meetings a year, and that the executive deal with business between general meetings
  4. that the Provincial Pension Board be asked to discontinue with the use of monthly pension application forms (abolished 1953 )
  5. that the teachers present levy themselves sufficient money to pay the $4.00 rent for Salon A ( $8.15 was collected )

Further business consisted of forming a visiting committee, and a special vote of thanks to Mr. Harold Ricker and Miss Ethel Coles for their untiring efforts in instigating the formation of the Retired Teachers Association.
By May 1954, in just three years, the Retired Teachers Association had accomplished the following on behalf of its members:

  1. Blue Cross for members
  2. Surgical and medical aid
  3. Monthly application form for pension discontinued
  4. Minimum pension raised
  5. Pension increased from 50% to 75% of salary
  6. Five highest consecutive years salary to count for pension